Frequently Asked Questions

We design, manufacture and support electronic control machine and processes. We provide automation systems for the full control of the machine (PC + PLC + HMI + Motion), with a unified and proprietary solution (OEM) of the electronic part of the machine and process. Larraioz systems are tailored and customized to the machine needs, with selected automation solutions. In addition, we train and provide guidance to the staff in charge of the handling, handing the full control of the machine.

We provide a proprietary solution for the OEM. The machine manufacturer becomes technologically independent of the software (application-process) and obtains the no obsolescence. The product is “Made in Basque Country”, representing the quality, robustness and reliability of our products with a customized technology that is made in Europe, as opposed to the one of Asian or global mass-manufacturers.

The chance of having a proprietary product enhances your perception as OEM. Also, it exempts you from the obligation of matching the brand requirements of your customers. You will have a machine controlled by your own technology, and control the timings, paces and progression of it.

This way, you will have an only programming language for all your machines, winning in strength and a bigger capacity for progress. Our systems are shaped and adjusted to your needs, letting you build a custom application for the control of your machine and/or process.

With our European production, you will leave behind the long delivery periods, the low quality of the products and the bad service you have previously suffered.  You will no longer be affected by health or politic crisis. You will gain a controlled production in all the stages of the process.

Definitely. Our systems will let you vertically grow, without losing any compatibility with your previous systems. You will no longer need migrating different PLC brand applications or models depending on your customers’ demands. Concentrate your know-how in a proprietary controller, making your programs grow in a single application that meets all your customers’ requirements. You will only need to install the peripherals brands required by your customer.  The machine intelligence will always be the same, and it’s in your hands.

There’s no end to the system’s usable life. You will not need to worry about the obsolescence of your PLCs.

With a custom control system, with a unique and tailored screen and control, you will gain in perception and efficiency. Our team of expert designers will provide you with the solution, based on your requirements. The HMI control system will finally have the look of the machine’s brain.

At Larraioz, we know that low-qualification operators are quite common among machine customers and users. Very few of them read the operation manual, many saturate the after-sales services with questions, and cause damages because of operation misunderstanding and malpractice. Our applications are friendly, intuitive, have big screens and clear symbology. This makes a better, safer and more efficient machine.

We understand the machine manufacturer’s concern when, after embodying its know-how in the machine’s software, the PLC manufacturer releases a new series and obsoletes the old one. Larraioz systems do not turn obsolete. They offer compatibility in time and are not compromised with limited performance. Also, they allow you improving the algorithm without any obligation. The software platforms do not commit or generate reliance either with the hardware or with us.

No, we will be your collaborator just for the amount of time you are interested in. Our politics are based on the OEM training, so they can be independent, mainly regarding the software, but also the hardware. If you choose to work with us, you will have all the necessary tools so a third party can assist you in the future. Anyhow, we inform you that in the more than 30 years in which we have been providing industry solutions, not a single OEM decided to stop working with us. We combine our expertise with a fair price, perfection, ease of use and the safety of a long-lasting system, that will interact with the operator in a clear and intuitive manner. Your own control system, fitted to your needs, which allows your growth.